Meet Julia Haart: The CEO Modernizing the Modeling Industry

Julia Haart has proven to be unstoppable. She is at the helm of the world’s first talent media company and global phenomenon, Elite World Group, as the co-owner and CEO. The company is composed of 48 global agencies representing 5400 of the world’s most dynamic talent, including actors, artists, musicians, models, and even virtual avatars. Haart’s mission is to modernize the modeling industry by transforming social platforms into impactful media channels. Haart is also fusing the worlds of commerce and technology through the launch of the virtual marketing company EWG Virtual, which is leveraging virtual comment, immersive experiences, and hyperrealistic avatars to create new, innovative marketing strategies. Simply put, Haart is catapulting the commerce experience for brands and consumers into the future. As if that’s not impressive enough, Haart is also the creative director of E1972, the world’s first sizeless luxury brand introduced by Elite World. 

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